Study groups & activities

The members of the Early Modern Research Programme explore several themes relating to their own areas of speciality:

  •  The  concept of modernity in the works of Jonathan Swift
  •  The notion of experience in early modern religion, and in relation with the conceptual framework of ‘lived religion’
  • Early modern texts and their afterlives (through re-writing, adapting, editing and translating).

In addition to these specific study group activities, our Early Modern Research Programme retains a general gathering all of its members and friends around two-year cycles of study on a common concept .

Study group activities for 2018  

(all held at the Maison de la Recherche)


19 February 2018, 16h30 – 18h30 room 1.18

SWIFT: Discussion of the Letters to Swift project


16 April 2018 : 17h-19h room 2.41


Francesca Genesio : “Mazzei, the pragmatic propagandist.” Read the text here.

Emilie Mitran : « Liberté, égalité, royauté ! De l’idiosyncrasie politique morrisienne ». Read the text here.

Chair : Gérard Hugues


14 May 2018, 16h30 – 18h30 room 2.41


Emilie Mitran, « Prolonger l’expérience parisienne et européenne de Gouverneur Morris grâce aux technologies numériques ». Read the text here.

Amélie Derome, « Décoder le texte : le développement d’un comparateur numérique des traductions d’oeuvres littéraires ». Read the text here.

Chair : Grégoire Lacaze

3 et 4 September 2018  

Postgraduate & Early Career Conference of the British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies 

Postgraduate & Early Career Conference

5 November 2018, 17h – 19h, room 2.44


Gabor Gelleri (Aberystwyth) : “Cette chose ordinaire et inutile qu’on appelle un Tour en Angleterre” – discours, pratiques et usages’.”

Sandhya Patel, ‘Translation and transcription. Enabling the archeology of exploration narratives’

Chairs : Nathalie Vanfasse et Nathalie Bernard



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