Next Session: Progress & Literary Genres

Our next seminar session exploring the notion of progress is entitled  ‘Progress and Literary Genres : Redefinition and Evolution of the Novel.’ We are looking forward to welcoming you on Monday 25 March 2019, as usual from 5 – 7 pm, room 2.44 of the Maison de la Recherche, to listen to our two guests:
Baudouin Millet (Université de Lyon 2), ‘Progress and stasis: the poetics of digression in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719-1720)’. See a short biographical notice here
Anne Widmayer (University of Wisconsin), ‘Self-Conscious Literary Change: Engaging the Audience in the Emerging Novel.’ See a short biographical notice and an abstract here

New text online


During our last seminar session, we heard Mireille Ozoux (AMU), on “Scientific progress and its impact on linguistic thought and literature: the problematics of figurative speech in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels (1726)”. You can now read the entire text of this fantastic paper here.