Britaix is a research seminar on the early modern period and Enlightenment. It was initially created by Pierre Lurbe and Jean Viviès in 2002 as a postgraduate seminar. Since then, we have gradually expanded its scope to include members from Aix-Marseille and nearby universities, as well as scholars working on the British Isles, colonial and early America, and the Empire. Between 2011 and 2016 the seminar was funded by a grant from the Institut Universitaire de France and, in 2017, it became one of the four research programmes of the Research Centre on the English Speaking World (LERMA) at Aix-Marseille. Our members meet regularly and welcome guest speakers in seminars designed to study a particular topic of interest, organised according to a bisannual scheme. We also meet in smaller study groups which reflect our areas of expertise, namely Jonathan Swift and Modernity (convener: Jean Viviès), Lived Religion (conveners: Anne Page and Laurence Sterritt) and Texts and their afterlives (conveners: Gérard Hugues and Ruth Menzies).



Nathalie Bernard

18th century, translation, travel writing, the novel, Henry Fielding



Lauriane Brémond 

Translation, epistolarity, manuscript material culture.



Amélie Derome (ECR). Abstract Amélie Derome

Translation, reception, history of the book, Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels



Anne Dunan-Page

Early-modern history, Protestantism, the Huguenot Refuge, puritanism and dissent, religion and medicine
Britaix editor and co-convenor of the Lived Religion study group


Francesca Genesio (PhD candidate). Abstract Francesca Genesio





Colin Harris (PhD candidate). Abstract Colin Harris

Puritan, diary, Protestant, minister, seventeenth century




Gérard Hugues

American history, 18th century
Co-convenor of the Texts and their Afterlives study group


Grégoire Lacaze

Grégoire Lacaze

Linguistics, stylistics, reported speech, Digital Humanities, social media analysis
Britaix digital advisor


Laurence Lux-Sterritt

Early modern history, Catholicism, women, English convents, religion and the body
Britaix editor and co-convenor of the Lived Religion study group


Ruth Menzies

Travel literature, utopias, imaginary worlds, transtextuality, rewriting
Co-convenor of the Texts and their Afterlives study group
Britaix translator


Emilie Mitran

Atlantic history, revolutions, private writings, archives, digital humanities



Mireille Ozoux (PhD candidate). Abstract Mireille Ozoux

Jonathan Swift, 18th-century literature, history of linguistic thought, language and politics, language and fiction



Claire Schiano-Locurcio (PhD candidate). Abstract Claire Schiano-Locurcio

English Catholicism, Reformation, Poor Clares, spirituality, lived religion



Marion Serre (PhD candidate). Abstract Marion Serre

Robinsonade, rewriting, myth, conceptual characters, isolation



Gilles Teulié

Reformed theology, South Africa, Dutch reformed Church, apartheid, missions




Jean Viviès

Novel, travel narrative, medicine, Jonathan Swift, James Boswell
Convenor of the Swift and Modernity study group



Sara Watson

History of Ideas, 18th century

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