Britaix 17-18 welcomes new events for September-December 2021

Our Seminar series hopes to welcome many of you, either in person or online, as the new academic year begins.
Times indicated below are all GMT +1 (French time).
You can also follow us on Twitter and view some of our recorded sessions on YouTube.


20 September 2021 : Session « Writing American Identity »
16.30 – 18.30, salle de colloques 1, bâtiment multimédia.

Florence Petroff (MCF en histoire, La Rochelle), « Le concours du College of Philadelphia: les contours d’une identité britannico-américaine pendant la crise du Stamp Act (1766) »
Bertrand Van Ruyembeke (Paris 8) « Construire un récit français de la révolution américaine: le concours de l’Académie de Toulouse de 1784 »
Discutante: Emilie Mitran (AMU)


27 September 2021 : Session « Texts and their afterlives: Robinsonades »
16.30 – 18.30, via Zoom

Ian Kinane (University of Roehampton): ‘Shifting Perspectives in Two Mid-Twentieth Century Robinsonades: O’Dell and Tournier’
Ruth Menzies(LERMA, AMU: ‘Le Robinson des Demoiselles: A Nineteenth-Century French Robinsonade for Girls’


1 October 2021 : Inaugural Study Day of the Épopées révolutionnaires 2026 project
14.30 – 18.00, salle T3 – 001, bâtiment Porte

 14.30 – Bertrand Van Ruymbeke (Professeur, Paris 8) Introducing ‘Revolutionary Narrative and Experience – Commemorating Revolutions (1776-2026)’
14.45 Emilie Mitran (ATER docteure, AMU) présentation de la journée « Mémoires révolutionnaires dans l’histoire et l’historiographie du monde atlantique (1730-1830) »
15.00 Francesca Genesio (PRAG doctorante, AMU) Representing the early republic(s) abroad: Mazzei’s ambassadorship to Europe between parallel diplomacy and propaganda’
15.45 Break
16.00 Steven Sarson (Professeur, Lyon 3)  ‘”When in the Course of human events”: History and Historical Consciousness in the Declaration of Independence.’
16.45 Gérard Hugues (Professeur émérite, AMU)  « Sortir de la Révolution par la Constitution? »
17.30 Concluding remarks


15 and 16 October 2021, International conference  ‘Lived Religion in Europe 1500-1800: Individual and Communal Practice’, via Zoom

 Please see our full conference programme


22 November 2021 : Presentation and discussion of Letters to Swift
16.30 – 18.30, salle de colloques 1, bâtiment multimedia

A session led by Jean Viviès and Ruth Menzies, in the presence of several of the authors and contributors to the creative writing collection published in the latest E-rea issue.


6 December 2021 : Study day ‘Texts and their afterlives’
9.45 – 16.00, salle de colloques 1, bâtiment multimedia

This study day will be held in two halves, one discussing Gulliver’s Travels, tailored more particularly for candidates to the Agrégation, and the other dealing more particularly with the posterity of that work. Details to follow shortly.

9h45: Welcome
10h00: Mickaël Popelard (Université de Caen) : ‘The Philosophical and Scientific Background to Gulliver’s Travels’
10h45: Jeffrey Hopes, (Université d’Orléans): ‘ “To behold my Figure often in a Glass”: Gulliver’s Travels and Lockean consciousness of self.’
14h00: Nick Seager (Keele University) : ‘Brobdingnagian Afterlives’
14h45: Daniel Cook (Dundee University) : ‘Gulliver’s Clones’
15h30: Closing remarks



















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