The M.Phil in Anglophone Studies

Our M.Phil in Anglophone Studies is a research degree that considers students as researchers. They specialise in their chosen area of study, write two dissertations, and take their first steps in an academic career. This research degree is unique in the South of France in providing a thorough training in all aspects of Anglophone studies, literature, history, linguistics and translation, while offering students the chance to organise their own conference and acquire basic training in digital humanities. For more information, click here.

Students interested in beginning research on the 17th and 18th centuries should contact the members of the seminar according to their research speciality.

The Seventeenth Century

Anne Dunan-Page (Professor of Literature and History): history of protestantism, lived religion, epistolarity, puritanism and religious dissent, representations of religious minorities…

Laurence Lux-Sterritt (Lecturer in History): sixteenth- and seventeenth-century history, religious history, French and British Catholicism, women and the Counter-Reformation…

The Eighteenth Century

Nathalie Bernard (Lecturer in Literature and Translation): literature of the 18th century, aesthetic movements, travel narratives, translation of travel narratives…

Gérard Hugues (Professor of American History): history of ideas, slavery, the Constitution and constitutional law…

Ruth Menzies (Lecturer in Literature and Translation): British and French travel literature, comparative literature, utopias, imaginary travels, intertextuality, rewriting…

Helène Palma (Lecturer in History): history of ideas, women, law, Scottish history…

Jean Viviès (Professor of Literature): fiction and non fiction, drama, essays, travel literature…

Our taught M. Phil seminars include:

M.Phil, year 1

  • The historiography of the Reformation (c.1520-1553), Dr Laurence Sterritt
  • Religious ideology and Anti-Catholicism in Elizabethan and Jacobean England, Dr Laurence Sterritt
  • Madness, melancholy and despair: does religion make you ill? Pr Anne Page

M.Phil, year 2

  • How to build a research project: travel narratives in 18th-century Britain, Pr Jean Viviès
  • The Other in 18th-century America, Pr Gérard Hugues
  • History from the margins : dissent, transgression, and sexual deviance in early-modern England, Pr Anne Page

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