Seminar events 2018-2019



In 2018 – 2019, our seminar programme will question the notions of ‘Progress and Language’

All sessions 17.00 to 19.00, room 2.44, Maison de la Recherche


Monday 26 November 2018

Economic Progress and Language

Michel Van Der Yeught (AMU), ‘Accounting for the Evolution of Specialised Languages in Times of Intellectual Progress: Theoretical Issues and Suggestions’. Read the abstract here.

Nathalie Vanfasse (AMU), ‘Adam Smith, Economic Growth, Aesthetic Theory, and Darwinian Evolution?’Read the abstract here.

Discussant: Gérard Hugues


 Monday 4 March 2019

Scientific Progress and Literary Language

Mireille Ozoux (AMU), «Progrès et l’évolution de la langue et de la littérature, impact de la langue scientifique dans la littérature. » Read the full text here.

Clare Preston (Queen Mary university of London) ‘Thomas Browne’s Rhetorical Reclamations’. Read the abstract here.

Discussant: Anne Page


Monday 25 March 2019

Progress and Literary Genres: Redefinition and Evolution of the Novel

Baudouin Millet (Université de Lyon 2), ‘Progress and Stasis: The Poetics of Digression in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719-1720)’Read the abstract here.

Anne Widmayer (University of Wisconsin), ‘Self-Conscious Literary Change: Engaging the Audience in the Emerging Novel.’ Read the abstract here.

Discussant: Jean Viviès